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Leigh McKinlay

Leigh McKinlay

B.Sc(Hons, PhD, Pilates Instructor APMA Level 2


Leigh has always had an interest in fitness and has been a keen recreational dancer, swimmer and tennis player. She has always had a passion for biology and studied for her Bachelor of Science at Monash University. She subsequently completed a PhD in molecular biology in 1997. Since then she has worked in medical research, scientific sales and science administration. Leigh is fascinated by how the body functions under normal circumstances from a global and cellular perspective, as well as when it is affected by injury or disease.


Leigh discovered Pilates in 2011 when searching for a solution to a musculoskeletal complaint she developed. She undertook Pilates Instructor training in 2014 and now uses her knowledge as an Instructor to share with others the positive health benefits of Pilates. In her spare time, Leigh enjoys exploring the outdoors in search of native wildflowers, photography and reading.

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