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Strength & Conditioning

Strength &Conditioning

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning is aimed at increasing the overall wellbeing of each client by focusing on functional strength and aerobic fitness. Managed by our highly accredited Personal Trainer who has a background in exercise science, each session incorporates scientifically proven training techniques to increase strength, decrease body fat and improve aerobic fitness.


Other benefits include:

  • An increase in bone density

  • Improved posture

  • A decreased risk of fall or injury

  • A decreased risk of disease

  • Improved energy, sleep and overall health


Expect to be challenged through a variety of up-to-date exercise principles and motivated by a passionate and empathic trainer who strives to help each individual by addressing their specific goals. Core strength through functional training and compound movements is integral to each Strength and Conditioning session at InSync. Ultimately the purpose is to feel good and move better during everyday life.


Initial Assessment - 45 mins

The Initial Assessment is the first appointment with the trainer and is treated as a holistic health evaluation to set goals and record baseline data. This includes:

  • Fitness and sporting history

  • Discussion of medical and injury status

  • Identifying areas to mobilise and strengthen

  • Goal setting

  • Analysis of lifting technique/ROM

  • Sub max fitness test on bike – 10min

  • Body measurements

  • Blood pressure and weight data


Private session 1:1 -  60 mins

The first S&C session after the initial assessment is a personalised one-on-one training session. We aim for technique correction during exercise and education of fundamental movements and gauge and address any limitations such as returning to exercise after injury. Core function is the foundation for all S&C training in private and group sessions.

Group session 2-3:1 - 60 mins

Once confident, clients will graduate to a group session with 2 to 3 other participants. Exercise prescription will be designed for each individual. Each session will comprise of cardio, strength training, core activation and stretching techniques. Each client will have specific exercises targeted to meet their individual goals. Training sessions will vary week to week and incorporate Low Intensity Interval Training, High Intensity Interval Training, body weight movements, the use of therabands and as well as equipment for core and balance training, flexibility and static strength training.

Goal review

The baseline data is used to compare results in a Goal Review appointment where we review measurements and discuss new goals.  During the review we will re-measure body measurements and re-assess the training program, goals and address any new injuries, pain or limitations. This appointment can be an important tool to re-motivate clients by revisiting objectives, results and improvements in overall health.

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