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Dance Services

Over the years InSync has had the pleasure of presenting their wonderful educational dance workshops to many dance schools throughout Victoria. Our practical workshops have been received with great enthusiasm, and we are thrilled that we have been involved in educating and shaping the next generation of dancers. We are excited by the prospect of working with teachers and students for many years to come to deliver a range of empowering workshops.


Topics of presentations have included:


  • From Top To Toe - An introduction to anatomy and how it all works, and its relevance for a dancer

  • Fabulous Feet - What do we need to commence pointe work?

  • Terrific Turnout - What is 'turn out'? Where does it come from? How can we improve it?

  • Stretch It Safely - Learning to stretch safely

  • Ballet Pilates

  • Strength & Conditioning for Dancers


We would love to speak with you to tailor a workshop specifically for your needs, so please get in touch by calling 9813 2188 or emailing

Dance Workshops

Dance Workshops
Are you interested in a Dance Workshop?
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