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What is an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist?


APA Titled Sports Physiotherapists are formally recognised highly qualified physiotherapists with expert knowledge, skills and experience in the field of sports physiotherapy.  Sports Physiotherapists have expertise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many sports medicine conditions ranging from muscle strains, joint and spinal injuries to the management of chronic pain. Sports Physiotherapists are also best equipped to assist athletes in achieving optimal function and performance through planning and prescribing appropriate strengthening exercises to prevent injury throughout the sporting season.  


Sports Physiotherapy at InSync:

InSync’s APA Titled Sports Physiotherapists have extensive experience working with recreational and elite athletes, allowing them to treat people of all ages and abilities. They are extensively trained in injury prevention and management, rehabilitation and overseeing an athlete’s return to sport. They will happily liaise with sports coaches and other medical professionals to ensure a successful resumption of activity.


A number of InSync’s physiotherapists have worked in elite sporting environments, ranging from AIS volleyball and gymnastic programs to elite-level rowing and AFL teams. We are experts in sports medicine and strive to remain on the cutting edge of sports medicine practices.


The InSync team are just as comfortable empowering “weekend warriors” as they are professionals at the top of their game and can help anybody looking to optimise their wellbeing.

Sports Physiotherapy

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Are you suffering from a sport injury that might benefit from a visit with InSync's Sports Physio team?
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