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Dry Needling at InSync:


Dry needling is a treatment technique used by many physiotherapists to treat multiple conditions including chronic conditions, acute injury and tight muscles and trigger points. Trigger points are a series of taught bands (knots) found in muscles that can produce pain and other symptoms when activated.


Using a sterile, single-use, fine filament needle, dry needling aims to deactivate these myofascial trigger points as a way to normalise the biochemical environment, encourage tissue healing and increase blood flow to normalise joint range of movement and decrease pain response from the area.


Dry Needling can be used by your physiotherapist in conjunction with other treatment modalities (exercise, soft tissue massage, mobilisation) to achieve the best patient outcomes. If you are experiencing muscle knots and tightness, impaired joint range of movement or difficulty managing pain, dry needling may help to manage symptoms.


The physiotherapist at InSync will complete a thorough risk screening process and will answer any questions regarding possible risks and side effects which can help to guide your decision as to whether this modality is right for you.

Dry Needling 

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