Dance Physiotherapy Services

Dance-specific physiotherapy is an InSync area of expertise. Their team is at the forefront of a new wave of practitioners applying modern sports medicine principles in a dance specific environment.


Dance Assessments physiotherapy

Each member of InSync’s dance physio team come from elite, pre-professional and professional dance backgrounds, giving them first-hand knowledge and understanding of the stresses dancers place on their bodies.

They also understand “the show must go on”, and will liaise with dance teachers and other health professionals so that the client may continue to dance through the rehabilitation period by applying the correct treatments and training practices

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Hours: Monday 7am - 7:30pm  Tuesday 7am - 7:30pm  Wednesday 8am - 7:30pm  Thursday 8am - 7:30pm  Friday 8am - 5:30pm Saturday 7am - 1:30pm

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