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There are many great options for virtual Exercise Physiology COVID-19 lockdown.


What is Exercise physiology with Telehealth?

  • Exercise Physiology is the study of the physiological adaptations of exercise on the human body and an Exercise Physiologist (EP) uses this knowledge to prescribe therapeutic exercise for chronic and acute conditions.

  • Telehealth is an online video service where an individual can work with an Exercise Physiologist to manage their overall health and wellbeing while being able claim health rebates.

  • InSync’s Exercise Physiologist Shane O’Leary is passionate in helping people reach their health goals throughout this challenging period.

  • Shane is offering the following services:


1. Free 10-15min introductory zoom session

  • Introduction to Telehealth Exercise Physiology where Shane will:

    • Teach you how to use Telehealth via zoom including the process of setting up your computer and how to join the exercise session

    • Educate you on the importance of participating in an exercise program while in lockdown

    • Help you find the motivation for you to commence an exercise program

    • Help you set up an appropriate exercise space and identify suitable exercise equipment

    • Determine the appropriate exercise physiology program for you


2. Private 1:1 45min at $50

  • Private sessions to provide a safe space to encourage you to participate in an ongoing exercise program.

  • The program will be individualised to your physical needs and tailored to your current environment

  • Focus on building confidence in your physical ability

  • Weekly progressions/modifications determined by your physiological response

  • Provide physical and emotional support to enhance your health and wellbeing


3. 2:1 45 min for $40

  • An exercise program with one other person to enhance adherence to the exercise regime

  • Individualised program that also provides social encouragement

  • Weekly progressions/modifications determined by your physiological response

  • Focus on strength and mobility to help maintain your health throughout the lockdown period


4. Body Weight exercise session for 30mins $15

  • 6-8 person group exercise program to build cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance

  • Will include 8-10 exercises in a circuit based program

  • Body weight session includes progressions and regressions of each exercise to ensure each exercise is safe for the participants

  • Provides social support for each individual

  • Weekly exercise changes to keep the program fun and exciting


5. Monthly online home exercise program for $100

  • Emailed monthly programs for you

  • Includes phone call to identify goals and physical capabilities

  • Tailored to specific needs and abilities

  • Monthly updates

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