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With the use of TeleHealth, InSync’s Physiotherapists will guide their patients through the assessment process to gather all the relevant information, as they would in an in-room consult, to come up with a diagnosis and associated treatment plan. Physiotherapists do so much more than hands-on treatment. Physiotherapists are analysts and problem solvers. The key to successful rehabilitation is the restoration for movement and function, and while a lot of the treatment is done on the treatment table, most of the rehabilitation is actually achieved by the individual, through the advice from the physiotherapist on how to manage the symptoms via prescribed exercises.

InSync’s Physiotherapists give the “full package” of strategies, beyond hands-on treatment, to their patients to enable them to self-manage their symptoms through education and advice on activity modification and the creation of bespoke exercise programs that guide them through each stage of their rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists, via Telehealth, will continue to educate and present their patients with a tailored rehabilitation program to empower them to self-manage while continuing to guide them on their journey to recovery.

To book a Telehealth Physiotherapy appointment please call or email reception and book to see your preferred practitioner. Make sure you let reception know you would like a Telehealth appointment and they will very happily chat you through what will happen next. Your appointment can take place from your phone, computer or tablet via ZOOM.

We are happy to announce that the government and private health insurers have changed their policy regarding Telehealth appointments and rebates will be available for consults from mid April -we recommend you check with your Private Health Fund for information as they vary with coverage.

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