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The InSync Team are excited to be offering a variety of Pilates/Exercise Rehab Sessions for you virtually, via ZOOM, with the instructor/Physiotherapist of your choice. The choices for classes are as follows-


1:1 Private Session Exercise Rehab 55mins for $75


1:1 Private Session Exercise Rehab 35mins for $45


2:1 Duo Session Exercise Rehab 60mins for $40 per person

As well as private or duo sessions we will be offering a selection of mat classes throughout each week at $20 a session. You can use these classes to maintain your current Pilates practice, set an exercise schedule or just get a little bit of midweek movement. 

Our new mat-based Pilates classes are group classes designed to help you stay in touch with instructors and friends while keeping your body and mind in good condition.


Choose from a gentlecontrolled or challenging level to meet your individual needs.


Our gentle group classes focus on correct engagement and low-impact movement. Providing basic moves, they will maintain your flexibility and strength and help break up the day with some gentle movement


Our controlled classes will meet the needs of those with some Pilates experience who want moderate exertion. 


Our challenging group classes will get you to push your limits and your muscles, leaving you with a clear sense of achievement, especially the next day!


BONUS OPPORTUNITY!  We also will be running dancer-specific classes based around ballet techniques and supporting you as a dancer. 


+STRETCH classes - half/half sessions mixing up stretch and strength exercises to mobilise those muscles.

To book a Virtual Pilates/Exercise Rehab Class, private, duo or mat appointment, please call or email reception. Once your booking is made, reception will very happily chat you through what happens next. Your appointment can take place from your phone, computer or tablet via ZOOM.

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