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Covid-19 Procedures


At InSync Physiotherapy & Pilates we always have your health and safety as a top priority, and as such we have ensured we have a number of procedures and considerations in place within the practice.


In preparation for your visit please familiarise yourself with the necessary changes the practice has made to ensure compliance with current COVID-19 health department guidelines.

  • To allow for physical distancing we request that you arrive and depart your appointment promptly.

  • Please monitor your health closely prior to your visit and if unwell reschedule your appointment. Do not attend if you are experiencing any cold or flu-type symptoms, or have been in contact with a known case of COVID-19. If you cannot attend your appointment, please let our reception team know as early as possible.

  • Please respect social distancing laws. The practice has been measured and marked throughout of places to stand, sit and exercise

  • Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities are readily available upon entrance and throughout the studio, Please wash hands prior to entering the practice and utilise the hand sanitisers available throughout the studio and reception area.

  • In addition to the cleaning that is undertaken between each client the studio is also disinfected thoroughly on a regular basis.

  • We prefer non-cash payment methods.

  • Signage is displayed at the entrance and throughout the practice (on walls and floors) reinforcing safety precautions all staff and clients need to follow.

  • We need to keep all communal areas to minimum numbers. We ask people not to stay chatting in the waiting areas.

  • A face mask must be worn at all times when at InSync.


Exercise Rehab/Exercise Physiology

  • Please bring a full-sized towel with you as per usual as well as a full drink bottle. The water filter will not be available at this time

  • Exercise Rehab/Exercise Physiology session will run for 50 minutes to allow for a thorough clean to be completed by staff in-between clients and to reduce the traffic in communal areas

  • Please bring your own theraband if you regularly use one within your sessions, these can be purchased from reception. Please speak with your practitioner if you are unsure if you require a theraband. 

  • We have reduced the amount of work stations within the studio to allow for a reduced flow of traffic through communal areas.

  • Gloves are available if desired, please speak to your practitioner to be directed to where these are located 

  • Storage for personal belongings is now available at each area, your practitioner will show you the new designated areas

  • We ask clients to avoid using the change room where possible and arrive dressed and ready for the session.

  • The studio has been measured out to respect social distancing.

  • A face mask must be worn throughout sessions.


We appreciate your cooperation and support while we operate under slightly different conditions. We look forward to seeing you at the practice soon.

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