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Brigritte Tan

Physiotherapist (MPhysioPrac)

Pilates Instructor

Brigritte has always had an interest in anatomy and kinesiology and how the human body functions. After completing her undergraduate degrees, a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, at Monash University in 2015 she decided to pursue a career in physiotherapy. While studying physiotherapy Brigritte began her Pilates practitioner training through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.


Brigritte completed her Masters of Physiotherapy in 2018 and throughout her studies gained significant clinical experience in hospitals and the community health sector.

Brigritte began dancing from the age of four and progressed through the Cecchetti Syllabus to Advanced 2 and is currently learning the Cecchetti Diploma work. Brigritte has taught ballet for many years, achieving her Associate status with the Cecchetti Syllabus, and continues to pursue further teaching qualifications. Brigritte has also taught other various styles of dance including tap, jazz, hip hop and acrodance.

In her spare time, Brigritte is teaching or attending dance classes, enjoys baking and is learning calligraphy.

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